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So, what's this all about?

Red Olive Studios has many identities, but is essentially the banner the many creative outlets and entities of Kere. M. Baker find a place to land. Some come and go, some are keepers – but they’re all creative, with just enough curious madness to keep them interesting! I still find flit between design and styling on occasion, and paint whenever the Muse strikes. My art studio is shared with many other wonderful creative souls at the underground ARTspace, which we founded in early 2010. I can most often found running my home fragrance brand, Loobylou Candles.

Collection list

8) Available Works

9 products

7) Chimera Circles (2021- )

44 products

6) Succubus or Muse? (2019)

17 products

5) Soul Invictus (2018)

13 products

4) We belong to the light (2015-2017)

11 products

3) Chromesthesia - The colour of my song (2013)

33 products

2) The Layers of HER (2010)

23 products

1) Early Works, a history

31 products

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