I LOVE my painting, and the love the leaps out at me when I see it. This is art, with integrity and purpose, and displayed and shared with love and affinity.

Linda B (Auckland, New Zealand)


I am blessed to own 'Dreams that you dare to Dream;" a stunning painting which takes pride of place in my lounge room. The female silhouette painted in such beautiful vivid colours gives the admirer a sense of empowerment in all that it means to be a woman as well as the endless possibilities life has to offer when you are real and raw.
Kere is an incredible artist, very intuitive, which can be seen not only in her art work but in her styling as a decorator. If you get the chance to own a Kere Baker artwork, or to work with her, do it.

Renae (Gold Coast Qld Australia)


Kere's beautiful artwork poses designer simplicity and style, yet intrigue and genius colour combinations….absolutely love it!!

Melinda Jordi (Sydney, Australia)


Kere was great; she helped me get what I had in my head into a brief that we both agreed upon then, patiently worked the designs through stages into which I was able to have input. I actually needed to input very little and was delighted with both her interpretation of the brief, and the finished paintings. The six canvasses continue to adorn my office walls and often attract admiring comments from visitors and new staff.

Giles White, Whiteclick Marketing (Brookvale, Australia)


I've followed Kere's work since 2010 and have enjoyed its progression. Considered, meaningful and honest work, each with a story that connects you to the artist.

Gabby Malpas - Artist (Sydney, Australia)


I have loved Kere's art for over 10 years. The way she captures the embodiment of woman has always appealed to me - specifically in her “Layers of HER” exhibition, and the most recent “Succubus or Muse” exhibition, she somehow manages to speak through strokes of paint… portraying layers of seduction, teasing, risqué, guilt, subtlety, pride, betrayal, love, and many more. Kere speaks through her canvases boldly, and with purpose.I have one of Keres works - fittingly titled “The layers of HER” on my bedroom wall, and I absolutely love it!

Leonie James (Adelaide, Australia)