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C H I M E R A  C I R C L E S 

URTheCURE Fundraising Artworks


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Some years back, I designed some timber lids for use in my candle business, Loobylou. They arrived under-sprayed, and were rejected. I was passionate about finding a re-use for them, as sustainability always underpins my business and creative decisions. I came up with these 'Chimera Circles;' which are these very lids, filled and primed, each with completely unique abstract Artworks painted on them.

The work explores the concept of the 'Chimera’ where two things join to become another. As the recipient of a bone marrow transplant, I have two sets of DNA, a fact which remains endlessly fascinating to me, making me a Chimera. Each work is playfully monochromatic, gently expressing the merging of light and dark, to create something else entirely, exploring the very deep shadow work this experience of healing creates. With each piece telling a different story, the very collection itself changes from one thing to another with every addition along the way.

These will be launched and exhibited exclusively at LifeInstyle, and be available online at the same time. A percentage of each and every sale goes to support URTheCure raise funds and awareness. UR the Cure helps blood cancer patients find their lifesaving stem cell match by encouraging people to join the blood stem cell donor registry (also known as the Australian Bone Marrow Donor Registry). Patients with a blood cancer or other type of blood disorder rely on having a stem cell transplant (also known as a bone marrow transplant) as their chance for a cure. Both founder, Pamela and myself are only still here due to the extraordinary donation of a completely unknown and unrelated donor, so this charity is deeply personal for me. 

Each one comes packaged with these little hanging kits that include a Velcro circle or a D-ring depending on how you wish to display them. The tiny bite sized artworks have worked well with the schedule. Small, but meaningful. 

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