Art Bio

Born and bred in the Manawatu, New Zealand, Kere’s history is steeped in Art and culture as evidenced in many of her paintings. She has followed a career in various aspects of Art, Colour and Design since arriving in Sydney in 1996. Her lengthy experience with Interior Design/Styling provides Kere with a disciplined approach to the design elements and principles (which she frequently disregards…) while pushing the boundaries, and creating personality, layering and joy in both her spaces and artworks. Her passion in the field of colour, make not only the form of the artworks unique, but the layers of colour alone provide impact, with their ability to co-exist and feature, yet not dominate or overwhelm.

Kere is reluctant to pigeonhole herself into a genre or painting style, and takes great joy in experimenting. She considers herself an emotive painter, creating an aspect of her own life dedicated to freedom and expression, in a world often harsh and rigid. Kere paints purely because she is simply unable not to, her practise transcending logic or explanation. She believes painting to be the purest purge of the soul that one shares, for the results to land wherever they may, for whoever they may.

Currently her work delves more into the monochromatic, exploring form and negative space, using texture and tone to ultimately communicate contrast within shape and form. There is a strong focus on the feminine in her line work, and nostalgic references continue to be made in reference to her background with tribal arts.

Kere’s works are held in private collections within Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, England, and America.

“Art enables us to lose ourselves, and find ourselves at the same time.” 
Thomas Merton