Fade into You
Fade into You
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Fade into You

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Dimensions: 490W x 490H (framed)
Medium: Acrylic & Enamel on canvas
Song reference: Fade into you / Mazzy Star
Collection: Succubus or Muse?


The Muse and Succubus theories go back to very early times and every culture has their own version. These works are accordingly peppered with universal mysticism from the Polynesian tribal markings, through to the six fingered Mayan priestess. The Muse is historically found documented in Greek mythology, always as a connection and source of inspiration to the creative arts. The Succubus is recorded as a female demon, existing for eons in supernatural mythology, seducing and absorbing the energy or dignity of her victim. The female form has long evoked desire, inspiration and encouraged creative flow.

My inspiration to this work initially, related to how this became entangled and connected with my own creative energy, as the early catalyst and thought process. It then became a revisiting of all personal connections, both good and bad, and an exploration of the energy within my own past. The Muse or Succubus connection isn’t always sexual, but the intensity and level of addiction can feel like it when it occurs. It’s certainly not always female when referencing the modern definition of Succubus or Muse, or even gender identity. Inspiration can come from anyone at anytime as an incredibly powerful exchange of energy. It can be a reason, season or lifetime bond, circling back through a lifetime over and over, or be unique and profound ending quite suddenly and incredibly painfully.

Can these experiences be remembered differently later, by our interpretations, or innate desire to rewrite our own histories? What stories do we tell ourselves in this role on both sides of this coin? Who do we think we are, and how do we all define and embody these roles? Is it a choice we make to be a source of inspiration? Or do we consciously choose to alter history, to engage in manipulation? And why?

Confronting this energy can feel like being woken up, and yet utterly and completely destroyed at the same time. The same energy that time and again can bring you to your knees, can also make you feel as though you could fly.

That is the power held within the desiring of the Succubus, and the inspiration of the Muse. It’s the type of connection that sets your path on a new course, that opens something previously locked, or entirely undiscovered. Does the fact that your greatest pain can often lead to your greatest inspiration make it good? Does the fact that your greatest creative achievements can lead to someone else’s greatest pain make it bad?

And ultimately did either of those things make it worth it?

Or does it all just lay in our insatiable human need to inspire, and be inspired?

These works were created alongside a specific collection of music, and are named for lyrics or titles of these songs. With the theme relating to the connection to and embodiment of all creativity, it made sense to infuse and incorporate all the energy of creating the work this way.

Music remains one of the greatest sources of connection of our time. We all have a song that take us back to specific moments and we all have songs that can make us immediately smile or weep, leaving exposed our darkest and most wounded selves. Songs that leave our souls open.

These are some of mine.
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