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My latest collection ‘The layers of HER (the goddess collection)’ takes a journey backwards to come forwards. It is an abstract reference, or glimpse at all the layers that make up a woman; and all the ones that get stripped away. It’s an exploration of who we are and more about what we don’t want than do. It’s the regeneration, the recreation and the reinvention that make HER journey an interesting one. Confused? Don’t be. Well, do be - but enjoy the journey. 

History is steeped with reference to the divine woman, the Goddess. She who gives – she who takes away. She is evolution, creation – she is the beginning, and the end.  There is a fire inside her. Inextinguishable. You can see it in her  eyes, (if you dare to look and linger) - the flicker of the flame. Like the Goddess Kali, here the fire is eternal.   

Due to recent health issues, my recent works focus strongly on the female form, and the perception of beauty that this creates. Losing control of aspects of my own body and appearance, and the esteem issues that go with this, make this latest collection a very personal one for me.  Looking around, (both inwards and outwards) at all the things I am, and we are as women.   It’s an exploration of all our unique flaws, and breathtaking beauty – the things that make us different, yet the same – just in a different wrapping.  It’s the simple things, the simple beauties, that often gets missed or misdirected, or never seen at all.  

The lines of a back (a back that carries the weight of the world), the strength of calf muscle (that leads her family on many a journey), the curve of her neck (as she faces forward, again in a new direction), the slight of her hand (as she gives with abundance). 

Contrast plays heavily along with illusion of texture and light. It explores the layers that overlap, fray, evolve and begin again. No attempt has been made to disguise any of the brush strokes in these pieces – I’m showing you the journey of the form, the changes, the growth of the piece.  Negative images become positive along with abstracted play on lines, solid colour and a dreamlike approach to layering and memories – hard and soft – all things it is to be female. 

For all these reasons, and then some - this collection is dedication, and a celebration of my own life Goddesses. It is, and will be named after all the women in my own life who have divinely inspired me. Inspired, supported, encouraged beyond words – been there to care, to nurture, to listen and to sing. Woman I have learned from, without their conscious teaching, women who I have respected, without their demand of it from me.  Women I have loved, laughed with and looked forward with. The light of all these women shines bright in my world. You know who you are, this is for you.